am actually a half Korean American who was born in America but raised in a Korean speaking household. However, I was called racist names such as c*ink, slant eyes, and other in appropriate names when I was in primary schooling. Even entering into college, I still get some of that even though I am constantly surrounded by other Asian

Americans and international Asian students. However, in high school, it was bad enough that I was one of the few Asians in my school, and I would always be offered research positions in science labs at nearby colleges. However, I never received these opportunities because I was supposed to give the opportunity to those who where poorer and less fortunate than me. In their case, they were talking about the African American kids who were the ones bullying me and calling me these names. I look back and I feel insulted that because of my Asian ethnicity, it automatically made me more fortune than everyone else (which is not true, but lets not get into that). In this case, the point is that injustice is everyone in all races. Not just white v black. In america I can see how prominent it is, however, it is still hard for some who are other ethnicities. I still keep a calm and silent fight, but this time (thank you so much college), I can do it in the comforts of achieving the fun in learning science .