A growing body of evidence suggests men's mental health affects their sperm
New NIH research shows that, even with fertility treatments, men's depression is deeply linked with a couple's inability to have a baby
Women's depression did not affect their fertility
However, one class of antidepressants did raise their women's risks of losing a pregnancy by 3.5-fold

When a man is depressed, he and his partner are far less likely to be able to have a baby, according to new research.

A woman's depression, however, made little difference in the odds that a couple being treated for infertility would be able to conceive.

The new National Institutes of Health study looked at a wide scope of the intersection between infertility and depression, including treatments for both in both men and women.

Researchers there also discovered that taking certain kinds of antidepressants may raise the risks that a woman would miscarry - an important insight into key considerations couples should take into account when getting infertility treatments.

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