1. Trying to get attention (Nikki Yovino):


Yovino had consensual sex with two football players. She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against them, because it was the first thing that came to her mind and she didnít want to lose another male student's attention as a friend and as a potential boyfriend. She stated, that she believed when her crush heard the allegation, it would make him angry and sympathetic to her.

2. Shame and greed (Wanetta Gibson):


She originally claimed that she was ashamed and made the accusation to prevent her mother, Wanda Rhodes, from learning that she had been sexually active. But eventually, she and her mother sued the Long Beach Unified School District for allowing the alleged crime to happen on campus. Banks took a plea deal that put him behind bars for five years, the school district settled the lawsuit for $1.5 million and the women went on a wild spending spree with their share of the settlement - without showing an ounce of remorse.

3. Being rejected (Lauren Emily Pearson):


College soccer player Cesar Lopez was looking life at prison after being charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping. The accuser failed a polygraph. Other evidence, including text messages and witness testimonies, also suggested that she made up her story. Pearson finally admitted that she made up rape allegations against Lopez because he didn't want to be her boyfriend.

4. Getting dumped (Rebecca Palmer):


Rebecca Palmer, 26, was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of perverting the course of justice after putting the victim through hell. Joanne Jakymec, chief crown prosecutor, said: "Rebecca Palmer indulged in consensual sexual activity with the victim, but on being rejected by him embarked on a malicious campaign which led to him being arrested on more than one occasion and held in custody for periods of time." The jury at Winchester Crown Court heard how the defendant became so embroiled in her own lies that she told others, and the police, that she was pregnant but on questioning claimed to have lost the baby during a purported suicide attempt.

5. Desperation to find a scapegoat:


In October 1977 a Memphis woman was raped in her home by two intruders. She later identified one of them as her neighbor, Lawrence McKinney, who was 22 at the time. He was convicted on rape and burglary charges in 1978 and sentenced to 115 years in jail. DNA evidence cleared him of the charges in 2008, and when he was released in 2009, the Tennessee Department of Corrections gave him a $75 check to restart his life. "Because I had no ID it took me three months before I was able to cash it," McKinney told CNN.

6. Man ending a long-term relationship (Kate Woodhead):


Paul Joseph said his ex-girlfriend Kate Woodhead, 31, who was jailed for three years on Monday, left him with nothing when she falsely accused him of rape at their home in Surrey. Woodhead made her accusation when Mr Joseph ended their 18-month relationship. He lost his job as an IT consultant, his home and his collection of cars. "For me, it is as if someone's house burned down and everything they owned was in it. That is effectively what happened to me," he said. Guildford Crown Court heard Woodhead told police Mr Joseph, 39, had drugged her before attacking her at their home near Wisley. She then stole property worth about £23,500, including an expensive stereo and art prints, and transferred ownership of his sports car and motorcycle to her own name.

7. Fear of husband learning about wife's infidelity:


In the Ancient Egyptian story of two brothers, which was written about 1225 BC, the older brotherís wife sexually propositioned the younger brother. He rebuffed her sexual advance. She then made herself look beaten and sick. She told her husband that his brother sought to have sex with her and beat her. She demanded that he kill his brother, or she would kill herself. Moreover, she urged her husband not to let his brother speak; she claimed that otherwise the younger brother would escape and attack her again. The older brother prepared to ambush and kill his younger brother returning home in the evening. But the cows that the younger brother was herding home warned him of his older brotherís ambush. The younger brother fled, with the older brother in murderous pursuit. The Sun God intervened in the chase to separate the brothers by a river containing crocodiles. The younger brother explained what happened.