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    Asperger Syndrome - Does anyone have experience with this?

    Asperger's syndrome is a form of autism, but AFAIK, somewhat different. I actually knew & observed a kid with Asperger's for quite a long time from work. He was intelligent, interesting and had very peculiar tastes. But you can obviously see that something is not quite right from his social interactions and particularly from his inability to make "normal" eye contact. He did often annoy me, because I was lazy as hell and he burdened my work routine, but at the same time I felt sad and proctective of him. He was often bullied and abused by other kids because of his awkwardness, and I often had to intervene and drive those bullies away from him.
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    I am very optimistic for this wikipedia troll who also goes by the name cydevil. Basically he seems very autistic and with aspergers syndrome but I am hopeful for his full interaction with humanity and for him to expand his interests so that his craziness won't end up killing him.
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