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    Muslim Rohingya terrorists persecuting Buddhists in Myanmar

    Muslim Rohingya terrorists persecuting Buddhists in Myanmar

    Why is there conflicts in Burma and who are the Rohingya and Bengal Muslims portrayed as victims through Muslim reports to media?

    Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) Kalarzoes receive military training from the Bangladeshi Army, supported by local Bangladeshi authorities and politicians and mosque-Imams in the area right next to Burma-Bangladesh border.

    One of their strategies is to gain occupation in neighboring Myanmar to proselytize Islam. Myanmar has therefore been suffering from illegal Muslim (Rohingya and Bengal) mass immigration pouring onto their shores through Arkana, the oceanside of Myanmar.

    The Muslims want to carve out an Islamic region for themselves in the Buddhist country to spread salafism. The actual Rohingya that the media refer to that is causing violent clashses between the Buddhists and the Muslims only began to appear in Myanmar in the past five years. Prior to the 1940's there were barely any Muslims at all in Myanmar. These new illegal and violent Muslims are being pushed out by the Myanmar government - but they are constantly being stopped from protecting their country, by the (Muslim dominated) UN, EU and the US.

    The conflicts originate from Bangladesh where Muslims are violently persecuting and killing the indigenous Buddhist and Hindu people, slaughter animals in their temples (Buddhist in Bangladesh don't kill animals and the killings make their temples impure for Buddhist worship), putting their homes on fire, beating and raping Buddhist women and children, and threatening to kill them unless they convert to Islam.

    The Bangladesh government and army gets funding from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to spread Salafism and to exterminate all non-Muslim elements.

    As Myanmar (Burma) is situated back to back with Bangladesh, this religious racism is being pushed across the borders into Burma, persecuting the Burmese people.

    Muslims refuse to leave people in peace in Myanmar. According to Islam Allah created the world only for Muslims and they are entitled to encroach and force themselves onto other people, who are obligated according to Islamic law, to submit or face death. If you fight back against Muslim occupation, you are considered an aggressor and an enemy of Allah who must be terrorized and destroyed.
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    Sounds like government-sponsored Myanmar propaganda ...
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